About SISU Fitness Gym


SISU Fitness is a results driven personal training and group training studio in Medway that offers high level of service with experienced coaches and trainers along side an exclusive membership to our fully equipped facilities.

We are passionate about seeing our clients achieve amazing results, basing our whole philosophy on educating and empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

We put our members at the heart of our operation, and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of their goals. From general lifestyle improvement and weight loss. 

Our coaches are passionate about improving clients nutrition, physical performance and body composition. With these skills we will help you transform your body and life forever with ongoing support and expert guidance.

This is where the excuse’s stop and results start.

Personal Training

Our specialist team of personal trainers are some of the best in Kent. Each trainer has a unique specialism and area of expertise, so we pride ourselves on offering a service where there really is a perfect trainer for everyone!

Group Training

We offer an exclusive membership to our state of the art training facility. Semi private personal training to all our members and ensuring a positive, friendly and helpful training environment.

Semi private personal training offering smart, high quality coaching and genuine accountability with the a like minded and hard working Ethos community.

Small group training presents the opportunity for people to experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a trainer.


Working with our in-house nutrition consultant you will learn how to make your diet fit your lifestyle, not the other way round.

Whether you eat absolutely everything and anything, are suffering from an allergy or sensitivity or if you choose to exclude animal protein from diet; we are here to teach you how to eat well once and for all.

Our philosophy is that behavioural coaching is as important for long lasting results as is educating you on your personal nutritional needs.

We will work on improving your digestion, energy and if necessary we’ll coach you to improve your relationship with food.

Why Choose SISU?

SISU is more than just a gym, it’s a way of life, we offer more than just a generic training plan, because we believe personal trading should be, well, personal right? We tailor a nutrition plan to your lifestyle, and a workout plan based on your abilities, we like to get to know our clients, you are more to us than just another subscription, you embody the SISU philosophy!

Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%